Referendum 2023

Since 1967, The Meliorist has been a vital part of the ULethbridge community by providing opportunities to highlight local issues and student voices. We celebrate the creativity and academic accomplishments of ULeth students. We publish investigations, news, poetry, photography, essays, and so much more. The philosophy of meliorism guides our organization, the belief that humans can make the world a better place through intentional action. We intentionally reach out to the missing voices, to the underrepresented, and collectively raise student voices. We provide PAID student employment, applied study opportunities, and volunteer experience. As the University of Lethbridge does not offer a journalism program, for many students, The Meliorist is their only opportunity to gain that experience. We shine the light on issues that you care most about and the stories you didn’t even know existed. We are your voice on campus! 

Over 65% of our current fees go directly back to students through paid employment and paid freelancing. With inflation, the cost of everything is increasing rapidly, which is precisely why we need to increase our fees. Our extremely low fee has been frozen for nearly two decades, which is unsustainable for continued operations. The Melioirst provides vital services to students, and we must keep that going. We ask you for your support in shining the light on student voices and opportunities. 

Referendum Questions

  1. Do you support maintaining and improving essential services that The Meliorist provides by increasing the fee by $0.50 (fifty cents) per year for the next four years to allow The Meliorist to continue supporting students? 
  1. On campus, nearly all other fees increase with inflation to retain sustainable operations. Do you support aligning The Meliorist with that and increasing by Consumer Price Index (CPI) annually, as determined by Statistics Canada, to account for annual inflation and ensure the organization’s long-term sustainability?
  1. Do you support The Meliorist becoming a year-round operation, which would mean providing services and paid employment year-round, by introducing a $3 (three dollar) per student fee in the Summer Semesters and having it increased annually by Consumer Price Index (CPI), as determined by Statistics Canada?