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On the corner of 9th Avenue and 4th Street south stands a completely square building. The color has changed many times but the denizens of the less than desirable den of iniquity can tell you of the nooks where the shadows dance, or the texture of the hallway walls under all that paint. The building has a way of creeping into the heads of those who sleep there. It never really leaves you, and just as rarely, someone truly leaves the building.

Art NOW is a guest lecture series featuring nationally and internationally recognized artists and art professionals. Talks are open to the public and take place from noon until 1 pm in the Recital Hall on level 5 of the University Centre for the Arts, as well as on-view at Casa in the community room (230 8 street south).

Art helps to spread ideas and communicate thoughts and feelings that words can’t get across. Here on campus we have a great deal of community-created art that inspires, communicates, and advocates. Much of this art is not made for class credit or a pay cheque, but it adds to our campus community and culture, which is perhaps more valuable. So, here I’ve explored some of the everyday art at the university that I think may go unnoticed.