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The University of Lethbridge is gearing up to grant the first-ever Bridge Prize National Short Story Award to a Canadian writer. Awarded through the Department of Liberal Education, this award (dubbed “the Giller Prize for Students” by alum Terry Whitehead) aims to bridge post-secondary student authors writing in Canada today into the greater world of Canadian literature.

The striving man is not to laugh at. Albeit often his reaching is seen as pointless to others, this does not lessen the reward in the striving man’s mind. If he thinks the fruit on the thin branch is worth the risk, it is his burden to peruse. The search for independents in one’s actions is a logical and respectable hope. However, if those who have tried before him have knowledge and understanding on the subject, let them inform the striving. Mocking and taunting may dishearten the man, but the act of that form of persuasion man plant bitter seeds. Let’s hope you do not count on his actions for your next vote if that is the route you take.

I was 7 months and 6 days old on the day of the 1995 Quebec independence referendum. Centuries of British colonial power in Canada affected French Canadians to the point that these tensions manifested as civil demonstrations, ranging in severity, from The Silent Revolution to The October Crisis. On October 20, 1995, Quebec residents cast their vote to solve this issue by choosing whether or not to separate from the rest of Canada and form a sovereign government. 49.42% voted to separate, 50.58% voted to remain.

Wexit is an effort by confused and frustrated Albertans wanting further sovereignty by separating Alberta from the rest of Canada. The people in Wexit believe that Alberta is being left behind, and therefore by declaring Alberta as separate from Canada, the British Crown, and the United Nations, all our problems will be solved.

I am writing to you because I have lost faith in our government. There have been so many cuts to various government funding streams in the name of "fiscal responsibility." Our health care, education, and economy is under attack. With these overarching issues taken into consideration, today I write about biologic medications.

On Monday, November 26, Premier Jason Kenney criticized University of Calgary Professor Dr. Melanee Thomas. The political scientist commented on Kenney’s recent decision to fire Alberta Elections Commissioner, Lorne Gibson.