The Meliorist is always looking for Southern Alberta writers, particularly students at the University of Lethbridge, to submit their work to our magazine! Below is a list of current calls for articles.

If you are interested in writing one of these articles, please submit your pitch to Kianna Turner, the Editor in Chief at


  • Photo Essays: Do you have a series of photos that tell an interesting story? Show a side of the University, Lethbridge, or Alberta that isn’t seen often? Or just really cool?
  • Pandemic Comfort Food: COVID-19 has put a big spotlight on take-out. We’re looking for someone passionate about food to write about their go-to local spots in Lethbridge for pandemic comfort food.
  • Local Bands & Artists: Know the next local band or artist we should be on the lookout for? You can write about them and their music for the Arts section.


  • COVID-19 and its impact on areas of science
  • Grizzly Bear Conservation with an optional tie in on farmer frustrations
  • Favourite Deep Sea Life Forms: Many are still being discovered all the time!
  • Artificial Intelligence & What It Means to be Human preferably with an emphasis on the mind versus the body.
  • NASA’s Project Artemis: An in-depth look on what’s being planned, the timeline, goals, milestones, and updates.
  • On Campus Research Feature: Any current science majors doing independent studies (or working on their graduate theses) are encouraged to submit a short piece on what they’re doing and why they think it’s interesting. These pieces should be layman enough that the average science enthusiast can understand what’s going on.

News (500-600 words)

  • Campus Sexual Violence: What is the university doing? What do people think they could be doing? What should change, and what should stay the same?
  • Students’ Union: What are they doing to respond to the Kenney government’s cuts? What are they doing to support students during COVID? What do students think they should be doing?

Opinion (500 – 600 words)

  • What is the Kenny government’s pandemic response like? Who is it focusing on? Who is it leaving behind? What does it mean for Alberta?
  • Anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers

Features ( ~ 1000 words)

  • The Lethbridge Overdose Prevention Society: What does the closure of ARCHES and the policing of the LOPS site mean for people who use drugs and Lethbridge as a whole?
  • What is Meliorism anyway? The Meliorist gets its name from the philosophy of Josef Melior, who though the world could be improved through human intervention. Why does the Meliorist carry its name?