On the corner of 9th Avenue and 4th Street south stands a completely square building. The color has changed many times but the denizens of the less than desirable den of iniquity can tell you of the nooks where the shadows dance, or the texture of the hallway walls under all that paint. The building has a way of creeping into the heads of those who sleep there. It never really leaves you, and just as rarely, someone truly leaves the building.

The striving man is not to laugh at. Albeit often his reaching is seen as pointless to others, this does not lessen the reward in the striving man’s mind. If he thinks the fruit on the thin branch is worth the risk, it is his burden to peruse. The search for independents in one’s actions is a logical and respectable hope. However, if those who have tried before him have knowledge and understanding on the subject, let them inform the striving. Mocking and taunting may dishearten the man, but the act of that form of persuasion man plant bitter seeds. Let’s hope you do not count on his actions for your next vote if that is the route you take.