Divided Heart

Written by Guadalupe Vial Ulloa

How do two homes become one 

does the yearning ever leave? 

Do the worlds ever meet? 

Or will I have to live today forward 

forever missing

when I’m not here, when I’m not there. 

From the mountains to the coulees 

Where and when do the lakes meet the sea? Does the course ever stop, or will I flow endlessly? 

My heart which belonged only 

to the land that fed me plenty of bread, 

and cradled me in the valley between the mountains. 

Has lost a bit of itself to this bit of the world, floated down the Old Man River 

and found itself growing between the wild roses. 

And now my heart is bigger, 

and my greediness curses me, 

to always miss home on each side of the world.

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