The Lethbridge Military Museum

Written by Preston Miller

A Journey Through History

In the aftermath of Vimy Ridge Day, a moment etched in the annals of Canadian valour and sacrifice, our university community stands in a unique position to connect with our collective past. The Lethbridge Military Museum, a treasure trove of stories and heroism, stands ready to welcome students and staff to delve into the rich military heritage of Lethbridge and its surroundings.

With a collection stretching back to 1899, the museum showcases the profound contributions of local soldiers, sailors, and airmen across major global conflicts—from the Boer War through the World Wars, the Korean Conflict, and recent missions in Afghanistan. It’s not just a journey through military history; it’s an exploration of our community’s role in shaping world peace and security.

The “William Edward Frame” Display

The “William Edward Frame” temporary display, available until June 2024, highlights the museum’s current offerings. Frame’s remarkable service across two World Wars and his contributions as a Military Cross recipient, educator, and community leader exemplify the valour and resilience of the residents of our fair city. His story, among others, offers a captivating portrayal of courage and dedication that continues to inspire.

Engage and Reflect

The museum, located at the Lethbridge Airport in the Vimy Ridge Armoury, is an invaluable resource for understanding the sacrifices made by those who served. Free admission (donations accepted) provides an accessible way for us to engage with our history and reflect on the legacy of those who have served.

Legacy Stones and Volunteer Opportunities

Beyond exhibits and displays, the museum’s courtyard features Legacy Stones—a poignant tribute to individuals who have served Canada. This ongoing project adds a personal touch, connecting visitors with the stories of service and sacrifice that define our military heritage.

Volunteer opportunities abound for those interested in contributing beyond a visit  [Nota bene history students: There’s an applied study to be had here]. The museum thrives on the dedication of volunteers, offering a chance to give back and ensure that our community’s military history remains vibrant and accessible to all.

Engage with Local History

As we continue to navigate our academic and personal journeys, let’s take a moment to recognize and honour the profound contributions of our veterans and active service members. A visit to the Lethbridge Military Museum is not just an educational outing; it’s an act of remembrance and appreciation for the freedoms and peace we enjoy today.

We urge every student and staff member to take this opportunity to connect with our past, to understand the sacrifices made for our future, and to carry forward the legacy of bravery and resilience that defines our community.

Visit the Lethbridge Military Museum:

  • Location: 337 Stubb Ross Road, Vimy Ridge Armoury, at the Lethbridge Airport.
  • Hours: Open Wednesday from 12 to 4 PM.
  • Admission: Free. Donations accepted.


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