The U.S. Might Have UFOs in Storage!

Written by Andres Salazar

UFOs and aliens have captivated curious minds for decades. At least at one point in our lives, almost every person out there has pondered the idea of whether or not we are alone in the universe. Debates have raged on about whether we’re the only planet with an intelligent species. Thought experiments have explored whether aliens would look closer to the ones from the Alien (1979) franchise or if they would appear closer to the classic little skinny green guys with big black eyes. The point is –aliens and UFOs are fascinating. Though, as captivating as the topic is, there has always been a severe lack of substantial evidence and documentation actually proving them to be real. While countless supposed sightings and videos allegedly show real contact instances, nothing has been bulletproof in its validity and reliability. 

High-Profile Claims and Military Testimonies

Every couple of years, some big news story will come out from someone who witnessed something like a UFO encounter, had contact with an alien, or had a role in some mysterious underground extraterrestrial research program. These stories are interesting but don’t often lead to anything substantial and are forgotten just as quickly as they appear. However, this past June, American news outlet NewsNation broke the story of a highly decorated former American intelligence official named David Grusch, who claimed to have reliable knowledge of a hidden U.S. government program that researched and reverse-engineered crashed or retrieved UFOs. An Australian investigative journalist, Ross Coulthart, conducted an interview with Grusch that lasted over forty minutes.  The intelligence officer explained that the U.S. government has been aware of nonhuman intelligence for decades and has undertaken a large-scale disinformation campaign to keep the research programs and findings secret from the general public (Coulthart, 2023). 

Grusch’s claims have been explosive, with him explaining that not only is the U.S. government aware of the existence of a nonhuman intelligence, but it also has several ships from other advanced civilizations. Another claim surfaced that certain research and retrieval efforts have also discovered some of the dead pilots from the otherworldly crafts. Grusch continued to support his claims by stating that during his time as a military intelligence officer, he interviewed and worked with other military officials who have been involved with programs dedicated to reverse engineering of foreign technologies. Gruch’s allegations, however, become even more alarming. He continued to explain that certain military personnel have been injured and possibly killed during operations investigating UFOs. Furthermore, he claims that the research programs are unlawfully hidden from the United States Congress (Coulthart, 2023).

Over the years, people speaking out on news networks explaining their experiences with UFO-related operations have not been a rare occurrence. Famously, the Roswell Incident supposedly saw the U.S. government cover up a crashed UFO. Allegedly, news publications at the time changed the story of a crashed UFO to what was later explained as a weather balloon (Cruz, 2023). The most famous case is that of Bob Lazar, who claims to have been a researcher during the 1980s in a UFO reverse engineering program at the S4 Complex, a subsection of Area 51 (Meek, 2021). Lazar, as well as various other UFO-related personalities, have made well-known appearances on mainstream media programs, including the Joe Rogan Experience.

More recently, UFO witnesses have presented themselves, some of whom hold verifiable roles in the U.S. military. The most famous among these are David Fravor and Ryan Graves. David Fravor is a retired naval pilot and Commander of the highly reputable air fighter squadron VFA-41, commonly known as “the Black Aces” (U.S. House of Representatives, 2023). Ryan Graves is a former F-18 pilot with over a decade of experience.  Both have had close, recorded encounters with UFOs during military operations (Graves, 2023).  They have since gone public with the testimony of their sightings. Graves has taken his involvement even further by starting an advocacy and educational non-profit based on UFO reporting called Americans for a Safe Aerospace (ASA, 2023). Their credentials, combined with radar footage capturing their encounters, have grown to be considered some of the most famous and credible evidence of a real UFO sighting. 

While all of them, including David Grusch, have gone on the record explaining their experiences, what makes their cases so unique is the credentials behind them. Grusch, Graves, and Fravor’s credentials have all been verified and confirmed by independent journalists, with their importance in the military and intelligence communities being airtight (Coulthart, 2023). Not only do they have compelling evidence and testimony, but their credentials give their statements much more weight. These three together have changed the narrative around UFOs. While the topic is generally seen as crawling with wacky conspiracy theorists, Fravor, Grusch, and Graves have helped turn the UFO topic into a matter of aerospace safety and genuine scientific inquiry.

A Shift in Perception: UFOs in the Political Arena

All of this together has created a new and interesting era in UFO investigations. Following the testimony of David Grusch, it seems that the United States government has taken a key interest in publicly investigating the matter. Government representatives have taken a personal interest, particularly after Grusch’s claims of UFO and nonhuman intelligence information being illegally withheld from Congress. In a surprising action on July 26, 2023, the U.S. Congress held a public hearing where Grusch, Fravor, and Graves publicly stated their UFO experiences and knowledge. It was a historic event, as congressional representatives were on record, talking about their interest in publicly disclosing information on UFOs and seemingly acknowledging the existence of the phenomena (NSBFA Subcommittee, 2023). 

Rather than observe the topic of UFOs through the lens of bizarre, crazy conspiracy theories, the American Congress analyzed the topic as a matter of national security and intelligence. While most of the information that Fravor, Grusch, and Graves mentioned was publicly available, a couple of new bombshells were unveiled at the hearing. Among these claims were details of a particular event where aerospace contractors spotted a giant, red, cube-shaped UFO that jammed all radio signals and interfered with most of the area’s technology (NSBFA Subcommittee, 2023). While testimonies of sightings and military interactions with UFOs were plentiful during the hearing, one theme rang through them all: the military personnel who interacted with the crafts firmly believed that these objects defied the laws of physics and if they turned hostile, the U.S. military would be rendered defenceless. There was also significant input from the congressional representatives themselves, adding their casual and professional experiences with UFO matters. Alarmingly, however, a large part of the congressional testimony related to how Congress was blocked from viewing UFO-related government documents. Specifically, the Tennessee and Florida state representatives, Tim Burchett and Anna Paulina Luna, expressed their frustration towards the efforts to keep the U.S. Congress away from this issue (NSBFA Subcommittee, 2023).

What could be even more shocking to others is how much collaboration happened between groups of people who are often regarded as enemies. Democrats and Republicans agreed throughout the hearing about what congressional investigations need to happen next; this represents a stark difference to the political divide on other topics. Democrat congressional representative Alexandria Occasio-Cortez was even seen and pictured having a civil conversation about the topic with Republican representative Matt Gaetz. The bipartisan support and interest have come as a surprise to many, who have become accustomed to seeing nothing but fighting from the U.S. Congress. This made the hearing as a whole feel like a complete success in the world of UFO investigations. Not only did the witnesses deliver their testimony under oath, but they were also taken seriously by all the congresspeople. The hearings ended with representatives Anna Paulina Luna and Tim Burchett, who helped lead the session, vowing to continue to unearth UFO research hidden from the public and plan further hearings in the near future (NSBFA Subcommittee, 2023). 

A Path Towards Transparency and Future Speculations

Following the historic congressional hearing, steps have been taken to further the efforts towards a full public disclosure on the UFO topic. Representative Tim Burchett has gone on to conduct multiple interviews on a variety of media outlets, expressing his ongoing frustration with the lack of transparency. He has repeatedly emphasized the many times different agencies have potentially hid UFO-related information, including NASA’s new UFO-related statements (Markham, 2023). This has sparked a new layer of conversation. The U.S. Congress and journalists are now wondering what information could be so sensitive that it is being blocked off from some of the country’s most important elected officials. This question has grown to be an essential point of investigation for future hearings and UFO journalism.

The amount of testimony, witnesses, and political actions on the topic of UFOs that have come out in the past few months has been staggeringly plentiful. Whereas other years have seen perhaps a couple of short bursts of UFO intrigue, we have seen a continued wave of interest, government action, and support. However, a separate question remains: why now? The sudden uptick in UFO-related activity has also sparked people’s sense of speculation. Some believe all of this means that the government and UFO investigators have an urgent reason to get all the information publicly available. Others see the entire topic as nothing but a distraction from more important matters, such as inflation and the increasing political divide. Regardless of whether UFOs are real, there is something undeniably fascinating about how UFOs are now suddenly being seriously investigated. It remains unknown if we truly are alone in this universe or if another civilization exists. However, the past few months, with all the allegations and claims, have only made people become more interested again in thinking about the possibility of little green men visiting us from very far away. 


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