Lethbridge’s Local Rumors

Written by Andres Salazar

Lethbridge is quite famous for a variety of reasons. The community once known as Coalbanks is home to some classic pieces of Alberta history, such as the well-known high-level bridge, the Denny’s where Marilyn Manson got punched in the face, and the one girl who got arrested in a Stormtrooper outfit. A fascinating, but also boring town, Lethbridge feels like both a big city with lots of things to do, but also a tiny community that makes people want to move to Calgary instead. 

Although it is a quiet place, Lethbridge is no stranger to steamy controversies and urban legends. Whether you’re a new student arriving in Lethbridge for the first time, or a grizzled veteran of the windy city, there is always something new to learn or hear about. So, as part of The Meliorist’s efforts to help readers learn more about our fascinating, yet “boring” city, we asked locals to tell us about some local rumours that are floating around. In this article, our local interviewees use pseudonyms and some information pertaining to local businesses have been removed to ensure everyone’s privacy is protected. We would also like to stress that these are rumours, and do not reflect any official statements. So, here is what people had to say about some of Lethbridge’s local rumours: 

“Oh, I remember a couple of classic ones. The first one I remember is that there’s a rumour that the Red Dog Diner was lit on fire on purpose. I don’t remember the reason, but I remember hearing that the management had something to do with it. Man, I used to love that place. I used to go on my bike or my longboard there often. The other classic one is that the Galt Museum is supposedly haunted because of a guy who died in an elevator or something. That one I can guarantee you’ve heard, especially if you grew up in Lethbridge.” – James

“There’s a fitness place here in Lethbridge that I am fairly certain is not paying taxes. They’ve been around for a long time, and  I’ve heard it from pretty reliable people and even though it’s maybe not the biggest place or anything, it’s just weird to me that some places can get away with doing stuff like that.”  – Michael 

“I remember hearing at the time some rumors that the old Cheesecake Cafe we had in town was burnt down as part of like an insurance payout scheme. I think that idea even made it into some online news websites.” – Kayla

”The only one I can really think of is that there’s supposedly a ghost in the Penny Coffee House, if you believe stuff like that.” – Sarah

The city of Lethbridge may come off as uninteresting at times. However, as quiet as it can be, it’s also the home to various interesting pieces of history and places. Like many other cities, Lethbridge also has a hidden layer of rumours under everything you see at first glance. While this is only a sample of Lethbridge-related gossip, they also represent the idea that our little community always has something new to hear about.

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