Written by C. Madria Steven

oh, how the moon

clearly kisses the stars

while clouds support

and bind them together,

making sweet promises of nebula

and singing to my heart

the kindest lullaby!

when I look up

everything changes

every day…

nothing stays the same

but that is consistency

that understands me

oh, how the clean air

fills my lungs with color

and makes my cheeks glow!

the sun kisses my skin,

feeding into my health

the wind huff and puffs,

cleaning the paths, I run

Refreshing is the song of nature’s

music that makes my heart swell

with comfort and joy

running around outside

like a leaf blowing in the wind,

uncertain journeys

with definite leaps of joy,

sweet serenity and my salute

as the days end and I retreat

I sleep soundly, like a baby

for they have truly shown me

all the things restored

…at last, the shadows leave

and cannot linger with their storm

even if they return, in short,

they will flee when the sun burns

as, once again, it rescues me

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