Written by: Andres Salazar

Why Do You Dislike the Holidays? By Andres Salazar

Holidays are a time of year full of joy, moments of grateful reflections, and the spirit of giving. For the most part, people associate the holiday season with nothing but positivity and the hope of starting the new year with a fresh start. Especially with Christmas right around the corner, the thought of getting presents and listening to old-school holiday tunes always seems to spark at least a little bit of joy.

However, that’s not always the case. Although the holiday spirit really does bring joy to lots of people, it also tends to bring frustration, stress, and a dash of anger. There’s always that one thing that gets people hoping for the holidays to end so that they don’t have to think about it for another twelve months. I decided to go around and ask people to give me their opinions on what is that thing they hate the most about the holidays; here is what people had to say:

“I’m a fan of Christmas music and all, but, good lord, why does it have to start so early? At my work, I have been hearing Michael Buble since October. I like listening to Christmas music, but if we could start all that in like late November, I would appreciate it.”


“I like Christmas, but it’s a really expensive time of year. I’ve got a pretty big family, so I always feel overwhelmed with how many gifts I need to get. Then, I also must get a present for my girlfriend. So, I just always feel like I leave the holidays being really poor.”


“There isn’t much that I dislike about the holiday season. If I had to say, I think sometimes getting presents for everyone can be a hassle, but it’s not that bad.”


“There’s two things: I think family gatherings are exhausting, and eggnog sucks.”


“It costs a lot, and shopping becomes a nightmare. There are long lines everywhere, so every year, I feel like shopping is annoying.”


“I live here by myself while my family is in another country, so having to go back in between semesters is expensive and exhausting. And if I don’t go back, apparently it looks like I hate my family. So, I’m kinda forced to go back every year even if I don’t feel like it.”


That’s just a small sample of why people might not like the holidays. As fun and heartwarming as it is to see the snow gently falling or as nice as it is to get a break from the busy school year, it has its moments that make people want to curl up at home and not do anything. Wallets get dried up, people burn out, and eggnog sucks, apparently. Though Santa’s time of year might be full of smiles, sometimes it’s hard to tell if those are smiles of happiness or smiles to hide internal pain.

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