Written by Faith Elizabeth Shuckburgh

Every day my life fades more and more beige,
what happened to my dateless, youthful glow?
This is not fair, when you think of my age,
time ticks on by, but it all feels so slow.
Each day come anew seems more like the last,
although I am tired, I cannot sleep.
“Was life always like this?” I ask my past,
but she is quiet, and on the years creep.
Dragging myself out of the house today,
I told myself “It will get better soon.”.
Although this a lie, I will still pray
for a time of pain, where I am immune.
I take a pill, and color emerges,
I can’t recall now, what my concern is.
Sunshine In a Bottle

Note: This assignment was for an english class. I chose the Shakespearean sonnet as my poetic form. I used iambic pentameter for each line because I enjoyed the flow of it. Although Shakespearean form is traditionally based on love and infatuation, it can also be based on time and change. This is exactly what I wanted to focus on and bring to light a topic that is near and dear to my heart. My poem is based on what I have observed my peers, as well as myself, going through during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have seen them go through feelings of numbness and disconnect. I have heard and felt “I wish I still felt how I did when I was a kid” and “I don’t find happiness in anything anymore.” The colour has been sucked out of our livelihoods, and we are lost. In a world where we are blossoming into young adults, we are held back by our sadness and melancholy. Line nine displays the volta, where the mood switches from one of despair to one of hope. While I wrote this sonnet, I learned how difficult it is to make a point while keeping within the parameters of what a Shakespearean sonnet is. This assignment made me appreciate everything we read in class so much more, because I understand the time and energy that goes into writing a poem. I believe it is very relatable for university students, especially right now.

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