Written by C. Madria Steven

I called forward
The deepest wounds
From within
And forced them all
To depart from
This present timeline
All of them thanked me
And chose to set me free,
Fading into the fog
Fading into the light
I bade every aspect farewell
And turned toward uncertainty,
Transformed as a blank slate
I bade farewell to better days
Too far gone to retrieve,
Without anything better
To run back toward
Within emptiness,
As are the states
Of transition,
There is space to create
I am calling forth
My multitude of skills
To face them all differently
I must look each in the eye
And establish yet again
Its ever changing place
I am trying fate as well
To see if anything was true
Or if I'm right
To walk away for good
I find that the silence
Screams rather loudly
How I've been rudely silenced
And my smiles hide
Their musical refrain
And magical curiosity
Behind curtains of disdain
I summon all aspects of me
To the entire battleground
Where all is laid bare
Then I step back and adjudicate,
Moved by it all...
I decide to give it love
In tiny little drops

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