University of Lethbridge-Themed Halloween Costumes

By: Andres Salazar

Halloween is a holiday famous for a few things: crazy-looking pumpkins, horror movies, and generally anything spooky. Of course, Halloween is also synonymous with wearing a costume for one day a year, regardless of how old you are. Over the years, some costume ideas have been more common than others. We’ve all seen people dressed as ancient Greeks, sexy nurses, DC’s Harley Quinn, and that one family going as the Incredibles. If you were looking for an extra unique costume idea for this year, have no fear! Ready to provide you with the right inspiration, one of the most terrifying places is right here: the University of Lethbridge. Spice up your one-night cosplay with a university-themed outfit that will leave everyone at the party speechless. Here are some UofL-themed ideas:

– A sleep-deprived student during midterms

– A CKXU 88.3FM radio DJ

– An employee from The Zoo

– An education student crying over all their lesson plans

– A student on zoom in their pajamas pretending to pay attention

– A business/management student who wants to be the next Wolf of Wall Street

– Your favourite (or least favourite) professor

– A raw chicken from Urban Market

– The chef making the raw chicken from Urban Market

– A teacher on zoom trying to hide the fact that they’re actually on vacation

– A chemistry student trying to finish their lab reports on time

– A food item from Hiroba

– A student working with heavy textbooks

– An anime fan taking Japanese 1000

– A journalist from The Meliorist

– One of the people featured on UlethWildin

– A student running from PE250 from Uhall in ten minutes

– A student napping on the bean bags from the library’s top floor

– The student coming back from an exchange trip, suddenly being much more “exotic”

– A UofL athlete

– A student who can’t seem to stop changing their major

– The first-year student who is never seen without a drink in hand

– The professor from the 1000-level course trying to get the GLER students to care about the class

– A student on academic probation promising that they’ll “put their biggest effort” into the next semester

– A nursing student who doesn’t know how to relax

– An anthropology major explaining what anthropology is

By going with one of these costume ideas, you are sure to be the talk of the house party. Familiar yet unique, going as something inspired by our university will bring students back to those moments of student joy and midterm stress. Will everyone at the party be too drunk to remember the costume in the morning? Probably. But, it’ll catch everyone’s attention while they are still conscious.

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