UFOs and Aliens: What Makes Them so Fascinating?

By: Andres Salazar

UFOs are just as mysterious as they are interesting. Whether it’s an episode of the X-Files or reading about the Roswell UFO crash in the 1940s, there’s something that glues curious people to their screens or news articles. Something about those flying disks and the little green men piloting them just does not fail to drag someone into a research rabbit hole at least once in their lives. In short, UFOs are awesome. But why are they so fascinating? What makes those flying saucers such a staple of Halloween movies and UFO sightings a recurring topic on social media?

           Part of what makes UFOs so captivating is the fact that we don’t really know what they are. In most cases, when people think of a UFO, the image of a smooth, silver disk speeding through the air at supersonic speed comes to mind. Although we can picture it fairly quickly, there’s one thing in common between our predictions: we don’t know if they even exist. We spend hours and hours thinking about what they would be made out of; what metal does it have? How does it stay floating in the air? What type of fuel does it use? The UFOs themselves are interesting because we simply don’t know what they are or what type of engineering was used to put them together. Thinking about these flying disks eventually makes us think about what lies beyond our little home in the solar system. UFOs make people look into their adventurous and curious sides. Just like when we were kids, baffled by planes going from one country to another, we look at UFOs as these machines as something that we want to know more about.

           As mentioned before, UFOs make us think about what else lies out there in the larger universe. If UFOs are coming to earth, they’ve got to be coming from somewhere, right? Thinking about them makes us think of distant planets and what they might hold. We wonder about whether or not different planets have water, bacterial life forms, or even an intelligent society. Alongside UFOs, the thought of tall skinny gray creatures is fascinating. With a universe so vast and so unpredictable, it almost seems logical that there’s something out there that is similar to us, though lightyears ahead of us in terms of technological advancements. People see the engineering and the technology around them and begin to wonder how far that can be taken. A projection of our own ambitions and our sense of wonder and our desire for exploration, the idea of UFOs and where they come from tap into our deepest sense of curiosity.

           Although UFOs may seem like something only a crazy conspiracy theorist would believe in, flying saucers and extraterrestrial life have something that can pique the interest of every person out there. The construction of UFOs themselves will captivate those with a passion for mechanics and engineering, and thinking about the distances they can go will steal the imagination of the biggest of travelers. Although we look at life elsewhere in the galaxy as something completely foreign to us, we can’t seem to stop thinking about things that would make aliens and UFOs similar to ourselves. Well-known celebrities such as Keanu Reeves, Georges St-Pierre, and Katy Perry have gone on interviews talking about how we’re not alone. The point is that you don’t have to be a tinfoil hat-wearing paranormal investigator to be interested in what might be in the cosmos.

           Flying saucers, aliens, advanced civilizations, and galactic phenomena all have one thing in common: they all have the power to capture people’s attention and interest. These topics seem to show up in the media time and time again. Although we don’t even really know what we’re looking at, the idea of a ship from a foreign civilization visiting us on this tiny blue rock of ours sparks the wildest of thoughts. Among their construction and their origins, there are thousands of reasons as to why people think that UFOs are so interesting. However, despite the plethora of reasons for them being so fascinating, everyone seems to agree on one point: UFOs are so fascinating because they are out of this world.

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