Lethbridge, as told by Lethbridgians

By: Andres Salazar

Welcome to Lethbridge! Lethbridge is a city with lots of awesome places to visit and lots of noteworthy events and things to do. You might be a seasoned Lethbridge veteran or maybe a new student starting their stay in one of Canada’s sunniest (and windiest) cities, but there’s so much to learn about this southern Alberta city that it’s almost hard to know where to look first.

            If you’re struggling to get to know the city of Lethbridge, have no fear! We here at The Meliorist figured that there’s no better way to show what Lethbridge is all about than by talking to Lethbridge residents. We asked a variety of people about what you should know about Lethbridge: Where to go, where NOT to go, things to do or keep in mind, and more. Even if you’re a born and raised Lethbrigian, Lethbian, Lethbridgite, or whatever you want to call it, you might even pick up a new perspective, here is what the people of Lethbridge have to say:  

“ When asked to describe Lethbridge, the words open, sunny, and hospitality come to mind. Lethbridge is wide open, making for beautiful scenic views. The UofL’s motto is fiat lux, meaning ‘let there be light,’ which is true and makes for stunning sunrises and sunsets. Last but not least, hospitality, in which most people here are kind and courteous to one another and always willing to help when the situation arises. Places I would recommend visiting include the Helen Schuler Nature Center, the Nikka Yukko Japanese garden, Henderson Lake and the Penny Coffee House.”

  • Kayla

“Lethbridge has taken my breath away on multiple occasions. Literally. It is so windy here.”

  • Mason

“As a cyclist, the Lethbridge wind is both my greatest friend and my worst enemy. On a good day, she can carry me up Whoop-Up Drive. On a bad day, my journeys seem to grow sixfold.”

  • Kevin

“Listen, I can sum up Lethbridge in a few short sentences. The police are corrupt. The city has a major drug problem. The city is dead without the students from the college and university. It’s an affordable city, but you sacrifice good transit, safety, diversity and a healthy community for that affordability.”

  • Aaron

“You can’t have bangs in this city because of how windy it is. You can feel the difference between a city like Lethbridge and Calgary, but I feel safe here, and I like how quiet it can be. There is so much good food to try; I recommend Makisu Sushi.”

  • Yuka

“Lethbridge is the most hip and happening community in Southern Alberta, but is that really saying much? The small city boasts a surprising amount of good Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian restaurants with a few shops worth making a visit to and Milk Man Bar, an excellent ice cream joint. However, Lethbridge is no exception to issues that are common to other Canadian cities, such as homelessness, substance abuse, and rampant bicycle theft. Despite this,  people generally feel quite safe visiting downtown during reasonable hours. P.S. try to avoid Galt Garden unless there’s a public event there.” 

  • Mike

Hopefully all of the answers related to the classic Lethbridge wind “blew” you away. Lethbridge is a city with a diverse set of opinions and perspectives. Although this is just a small sample of answers from local residents, the city of Lethbridge is home to many more interesting, captivating and thought-provoking points of view. Our biggest recommendation from here is to go and explore the city on your own and to build your own opinions of the city of Lethbridge, whether you are an already seasoned veteran of the city, or a fresh Lethbridigian, or whatever you want to call it. 

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