A Guide to Surviving UHall

Written By: Lauryn Evans

So, you’re entering your first year at the University of Lethbridge and have found yourself in the residence of University Hall. Is it everything you expected? As a former resident of D/E1, I have created a survival guide. 

Survival guide: 

  1. Shower shoes are a necessity.
  1. The history of a dorm mattress is something I never want to know. Get a mattress cover. 
  1. Seal your food. Whether you keep all your food in the kitchen or if you have a snack drawer (or two), make sure your food is sealed. Mice love crumbs!
  1. Speaking of storing your food in the kitchen, make sure to label it with your name. Also note that at some point or another, someone will eat or drink something that is yours. Labelled or not. 
  1. Make sure you grab the fruit you want during the week, as Urban Market does not restock fruits on weekends.
  1. The university clubs are a great way to meet new people with similar interests as you! 
  1. Bringing back delicious, homemade food from mom from the holiday and scared of somebody taking it from the communal fridge? No worries! Put some scotch tape on the lid and write something that nobody would like. Personally, I found ‘vegan tofu fiesta’ to be a great way to deter food thieves. 
  1. First year is a time of exploring freedom, many for the first time. Seek balance between your schooling and partying. Know your own boundaries and know when to set them.
  1. Utilize the resources available. There are services for academic writing, counselling, career, and many more. 
  1. Living in close quarters with people can be tiring. Make time for yourself and explore the university. There are many lovely spots that offer solace. 
  1. Meet with an academic advisor. Whether it is to help organize your schedule, make sure you are on track or help you just figure out what you are doing in general, academic advisors are there to help. 
  1. Food poisoning could potentially be awaiting you if you eat the meat from Urban Market. Always make sure your food is cooked all the way through.
  1. The dorms can get warm, dry, and stuffy. Make sure you have a fan, at the very least. A humidifier is very useful too. 
  1. Take your vitamins! Support your immune system. We’ve all seen how fast a common cold can spread. Now imagine that when you’re sharing a floor with 20+ people.
  1. With the amount of people on each floor, you are going to meet some people that you will like and some that you might not. Others may like you, and some may not, but that is okay. You do not need to be liked by everyone. 
  1. Have fun and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone!

Your first year is an exciting time, equally as nerve-wracking for some. Be kind to one another and try to include others when you can. This is a new chapter in your life, and you get to write it. Make it one you will reflect on with happiness. 

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