This was written C. Madria Stevens

Our Beginning

C. Madria Steven 

I floundered thrice

Plus some bites

A little too much

For ev’rybody

They all watched me crash hard

Into tree stumps of blights

I never knew what I’d find

When peering through the glass lense

It hit me like a tidal wave,

The sounds and sights mixed together

The deafening roar of thunder clouds

And pelting hail from ev’ry which way

Told my story and lined us up today

But the wind doesn’t say that we can stay

So I kick dandelions outside,

Contemplating potential losses

I face these mountains alone here,

Abstaining from your retractions

The snow melts in your brown eyes,

But my throat bleeds just the same

We know kindness and strain

That never seems to fade

So here we both are,

Stuck in our circles

Pointing away,


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