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The University of Lethbridge Students Union is holding a by-election on November 22nd-24th to fill the position of Vice President of Student Affairs. Two candidates are running for the position. 

Ethan Pullan:

He is a former Arts & Science representative, Education representative, and Vice-President of Operations & Finance. He is in the process of completing a combined degree in mathematics and education. If elected, he would like to provide a space for students to voice their concerns and work with them to address their issues and problems. 

Mitchell Nixon:

He is currently the Vice President of Finance on the Dillon School of Business’s Executive Council and a Dhillon School of Business representative. If elected, there are four initiatives he would like to implement:

  1. Working to destigmatize mental health on campus,
  2. Making the Executive Council more accessible to students who wish to reach out,
  3. Increase student engagement for events held by the Students Union,
  4. He would like to combat student apathy towards the Students Union.

The Students Union held a town hall forum on November 17th where the candidates talked about what they would bring to the table if elected. To view the forum and find more information about the candidates and the election, you can visit the University of Lethbridge Students Union website.

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