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The Vagina Bible: The vulva and the vagina-separating the myth from the medicine 

by Dr. Jen Gunter

If you have ever had a question about female reproductive anatomy, this book is for you. Dr. Gunter addresses common misconceptions and myths about vaginas, vulvas and everything in between. She emphasizes in her introduction that the book is for everyone, even if you don’t personally own a vagina. The Canadian doctor is a fairly well known OB/GYN and has received hundreds of positive reviews. One of her most salient quotes being, “power and health are inseparably linked.” If you have ever wondered what the “husband stitch” is, now you can find out. Not only is the book focuses on health but it links medicine with feminist issues. 

We live in a world where social media provides a host of misinformation. This book can help you sort through all of that while answering even the most embarrassing questions. Chapters include, “Food and Vaginal Health,” “The Bottom Line on Underwear,” and “Vulvar Cleansing.” Beyond that, Dr. Gunter discusses menstrual products, menopause, medications (including cannabis), STIs and other medical conditions. If you are a trans individual, this book discusses menstrual products and testosterone. It also talks about the barriers that women and trans people face in obtaining medical care and vaginal surgery.  

All in all, this book fills in the gaps that our horrid sex education classes left out. I recommend it to anyone, regardless of their gender or sexual preference. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in reproductive health, whether that be in medicine or gender studies.

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