This poem was written by freelance contributor Shanna Walchuk

But Daddy, why are the walls so white?
It is apparent in the way they move, ghosts with kind faces
Uniform and solemn, their white aprons tailored neat
I ask them, “what is your name?”
The nurses chuckle mildly
“Hi, my names Jenny,” the innocence smile of renewal
Miss. Jenny does not look old; She looks like mama did
But mama is back home, writing letters for us here
Miss. Jenny tells me I am sick, and this is my new home
The wooden floors splinter socked feet
And the windows peer tirelessly onto Pelican Lake
It is beautiful in the morning, when the sun reflects deep past the waters surface
At night I fear the monsters creep, and wait for the children like me
Daddy does not sleep with us, instead corridors away
They say he is sick like me, but a more urgent case

Brother cries into the night, he fears Miss. Jennies smile
He says she whispers nasty things, when it is the boys time to shower
Miss. Jenny advances on his boyhood, with a bittersweet prowess
But Miss. Jenny would not hurt a fly
And brother cries dry tears

But Daddy, Why are the walls so white?
He says to see the Monsters clearly
I do not know what he means, then Miss. Jenny comes to get me
Your daddy is sick, she spits these words
And shuffles me away
It is my time to see the other girls, and play with few toys they saved

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