See all of the details in the files listed below and apply today!

We’re hiring a whole new suite of roles to help us facilitate this year’s online delivery of The Meliorist!

All terms will last from September 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021.

Hiring Details

The Designer​ ​is responsible for developing, structuring, and laying out various elements of the Meliorist Magazine as well as posters and promotional materials (in association with the Website and Marketing Coordinator). The Designer may also create original artistic content for print and online publications.

It is the role of the Website and Marketing Coordinator to lead the ongoing management and upkeep of The Meliorist website and social media, to help bring in new advertisements and ad revenue for The Meliorist, and to develop marketing strategies to enhance community awareness about the magazine.

The Arts Editor creates and procures content relating to the arts, design, photography and fine art submissions.

The Humanities/Current Events Editor creates and procures content relating to news, current events, politics, humanities and social sciences.

The Sciences Editor creates and procures content relating to the sciences.

The Indigenous News Freelance Columnist is creates content, written or otherwise, relating to Indigenous news, perspectives and any other topic of interest. Content may also be written in Blackfoot or another Indigenous language.

Please submit your résumé and cover letter to by August 10, 2020. Positions reporting to the Editor-in-Chief may address their application to Ms. Sorcha Deheer, while those reporting to the Business Manager may address Mx. Jamie Lewis.

Not able to take on an editing role? Not to worry! We’ll be accepting PAID freelance submissions of all kinds throughout the school year, as always.

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