This article was written by Laurel Scott

Wexit is an effort by confused and frustrated Albertans wanting further sovereignty by separating Alberta from the rest of Canada. The people in Wexit believe that Alberta is being left behind, and therefore by declaring Alberta as separate from Canada, the British Crown, and the United Nations, all our problems will be solved.

While Wexit is trying to become a registered political party, they have stated on their website a platform that includes maintaining a 100% Alberta resident work-force, ending investment in wind and solar energy, abolishing the RCMP, and adopting a new Alberta currency. Wexit founder Peter Downing talks about making everything better for Albertans, oil and gas workers, First Nations, everyone. Downing just lacks concrete ideas of how this would actually be done. 

Wexit is dangerous for Albertans. It is simply a movement fueled by anger, by upset people that are fighting the realization that the oil and gas industry that made Alberta prosperous cannot continue for much longer.

Considering the future of Alberta, if we really want to support that future, we must keep up with the rest of Canada by continually adapting and not relying on old ways such as fossil fuels. Although Wexit seems to be a small movement with a lot of media coverage, it has been proved by our southern neighbours in recent years that unexpected political movements can have more of a following than you would want to believe.

Ideas can spread so quickly through the media, and rather than be based on facts, they rely on emotions and fear. Albertans need to be aware of Wexit, aware of its possibility to impede healthy growth of our province, of its ability in gaining popularity to completely destroy what we have and leave us with nothing.

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