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Captain Delke’s War

Retired captain Don Delke gestures to a handsome young man marching in formation in a black and white photograph. “I’m glad my wife met the man in that picture,” he says, pointing to a younger version of himself. Capt. Delke was just over twenty years old when the photograph was taken during the Korean War in the 1950s. Now over eighty years old, Capt. Delke has a slight paunch and silvered hair, and only slightly resembles the young man who went to war over half a century ago. But, he …

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A visiting professor in one of my classes last term, while explaining her method, said that she wasn’t trying to find truth and neither should we. I absolutely bristled at her comment. Beyond degrees, tuition and grades, I find the whole point of academia and education to be to find some sort of truth. It’s a natural instinct of humanity to look for truth within the mysteries of the world. However, we tend to end up looking in the wrong places. I believe this is not only the source of …

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Even if you’re not a fan, it’s impossible to be ignorant of The Hunger Games. The most recent movie instalment, Catching Fire, had product tie-ins everywhere. The series is inescapable.
Thanks to its ubiquity, Katniss Everdeen is almost a household name. Suzanne Collins as a tough-as-nails female protagonist is often touted as a shining example of a “strong female character,” and is often called a feminist in her own right. Due to her popularity, Katniss has spawned a small horde of imitators, the most prominent of which is Tris Prior …

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[ Meredith Pritchard | 10 Apr 2014 | No Comment ]
What are you doing with your life?

My friends, family, co-workers, fellow emerging artists and even strangers keep asking me: What are you going to do with a BFA when you graduate? I’m sure other U of L grads despise this question as much as I do because most of us have no idea what we’re going to do with our degrees. I’ve spent a great deal of time recently mulling over what I’m going to do, clinging onto fears that no one will hire me or that I’ll be too poor to focus on creating art. …

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Name: Joseph McDonald
Major: Philosophy
Year: 3rd Year
From: Lethbridge
Life often imitates art, and in the case of 3rd year philosophy major Joseph McDonald it does so through his clothing. With a sense of style that would look at home in the cafés of Paris or on the streets of SoHo, it is clear that this Lethbridge native has a passion for fashion that extends far beyond his southern Alberta home. He sat down with me this week to discuss his influences, from art to French high fashion, that led him to develop …